The Leaves Are Looking Mighty Fine

Who doesn't love the changing colors on the trees in autumn? It reminds of a lesson in clarity I once learned at the seminary library: 

I was interested in learning about The Fall, as in that time when Adam & Eve sinned in the garden. I was particularly interested in learning about animals, the implications for them and effects on animal life, so I typed into a catalogue, 'animals in the fall.' I found a book with this exact title, and I requested it from another library. When it arrived, I went to the desk to pick it up and the librarian said, 'are you sure this is for you?' He handed me a children's book, and as I flipped through the pages I read fascinating tidbits like, 'Squirrels like to hide acorns in trees... in the fall', 'bears take long naps... in the fall.' Be precise, people. Be clear. 

The changing seasons remind us of the possibility of new life. Something starts new that was once dead. We in fact say that the trees 'have died.' What they were, however, in their prickliness, in their cold, was life waiting to be renewed. He is the one who makes all things new. He has made me new, as he makes the trees new each spring. We should be reminded who has made this beautiful and what its beauty illuminates for us. A creative God, a God of splendid color and wonder. My daughters have both been fascinated by the moon, and have thought if they just jump high enough in the driveway, they will catch it. They are not correct in this, but next to our stodgy minds who say it can never be done, they are far closer to the truth. 

Mark RobertsonComment