A Vision Sharing Evening!

This past Sunday evening a group of over 40 people (kids and adults) met together to discuss vision ideas for our new church. While we look to God's Word as our guide for worship, leadership, and life, we are left to our own wisdom as to the feel and fellowship of a church. It was a delight to hear everyone's input, entertain concerns as well as ideas for what our new church will be like. So many of our folks are passionate, driven followers of Christ - we are blessed with such maturity and vision! As others will come and see what God is doing in our midst, we pray that we would exude beauty, grace, and love. 

Martyn Lloyd-Jones tells a story of a man who walked past his church at the time of the Sunday evening service. He was meant to go take his own life - and he stopped his march, when he heard the choir from the ancient church building. He walked through those doors, sat, and listened; beauty saved his life that day, and the his engagement with the church and the preaching of the Word saved his life eternally! Let us be in our struggles, our songs, our disagreements, our doctrine, our fellowship, frustrations, and ministers of grace - always beautiful. 

Mark RobertsonComment