The Joy of Singing

I was singing along to a hymn today - one of my favorites, and I was reminded of something my mother said to me a few years ago: your voice has really improved, she said, after we sang together in church. Now this is not tooting my own horn here - her compliment takes me from singing walrus to less-offensive singing walrus. I can carry a tune, but nobody's shelling out cash to hear me flex the golden pipes. 

But it is true that if you sing a lot - meaning you sing regularly in worship, at home as a family, or in your car, you do get better at it. My voice will sound better in ten years, but how will it sound after 100 years in glory? It will probably sound pretty nice. And if that's true - what about my ability to love my neighbor, or feel joy? Oh, glory, glory - come soon, Lord Jesus. We do a fine job today of minimizing both sin and glory - we like staying in the cold, grey middle, where we're not so offensive, but we strive for a bar that is more like less-offensive singing walrus. This is not good - our perfected selves and the community that we inherit because of our union with Christ - it is in a simple word, heavenly. But oh how non-Precious Moments that will be. On Jordan's stormy banks I do stand, and cast a wishful eye; To Canaan's fair and happy land - where my possessions lie. 

Mark RobertsonComment