What Are Community Groups? Part 4

One of the ways Heights Pres. seeks to accomplish its vision of “Loving Each Other” is through our weekly Community Groups. Through gathering on a regular basis with others from the church, we hope to create an environment that displays the love of God for one another, for the sake of encouraging one another in the gospel as well as demonstrating the gospel for anyone wanting to get connected to Heights Pres. This four-part blog series serves to outline Why, For What Purpose, and How Community Groups exist at Heights Pres. Visit our Community Group page to find out when our next group is meeting.


Byproduct of Heights Pres. Community Groups:

At Heights Pres. we are a city on a hill for the city in which we live, shining the light of Jesus for the glory of God. We meet formally together regularly on Sundays for corporate worship, and throughout the week at community groups. Our hope is that as friendships grow from these two gatherings, informal gatherings begin to take place outside of “church” events (Sunday service and Community Groups, among other events). Our prayer is that by coming together over a meal, having discussions about our lives, getting into the scriptures, and praying with one another, we would develop a culture of gospel intentionality in our ordinary lives.

Gospel intentionality is expressed as we grow in fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. It is expressed as our words for one another are encouraging, uplifting, and saturated with Scripture. Gospel intentionality occurs when we as a loving family in Christ choose to be vulnerable with each other, and at the same time choose to extend grace, mercy, forgiveness back to each other. As we grow in relationships with one another through Community Groups, our dream is that we learn how to be present in each other’s ordinary rhythms of life, speaking the truth in love. As visitors encounter such gospel intentionality, they will experience the love that God has for them. Gospel intentionality will be the bedrock of the gospel ministry we are all called to be a part of as the people of God.

Major events have a role to play in church life, but the bedrock of gospel ministry is low- key, ordinary, day-to-day work that often goes unseen. Most gospel ministry involves ordinary people doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality. – Tim Chester, Total Church




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